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Bill Richardson's dropped out before we really built up his scandal page, but here a few things we found:

- State Investment corruption
- Sexual harassment
- Speeding Tickets

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"You are driving too fast, which makes you a danger on the New Mexican highways and a wasteful guzzler of energy." - -Ralph Nader

"Sometimes I have gone fast, too fast." -- Bill Richardson

"I'm not going to stand here and say we'll never speed again. There may be exceptional circumstances. But we are going to slow down." -- Bill Richardson


Richardson has taken a lot of flack in the New Mexico press for having his entourage (2 or 3 SUV's) take advantage of their police escort to cruise the highways at over 100 mph so he can get to meetings faster, or maybe just because it's fun. He has even had Ralph Nader publicly lecture him for it. Critics see this as a sign of arrogance, but frankly it makes me want to like the guy. Then again, I've gotten a few tickets myself....

Investment Corruption

Frank Foy, a state investment officer under Richardson, has sworn in court -- and produced audio recordings to back it up -- that Bill's administration meddled in state investments to steer them to the profit of a top Richardson campaign donor (Anthony Correra) and his son Marc, who shared in $22 million in finders fees from the deals. The state investment council has sued the Correras because it lost millions of dollars from bad investments. Foy alleges that Richardson let Correra pick the investment council's chief investment officer.

Sexual harassment

An anonymous former Richardson aide says that in 2007, a female state employee complained that Richardson sexually harassed her, and was paid $250,000 in a confidential settlement -- money said to be secretly wired from a bank in Mexico. The New York Times reported in December 2011 that a grand jury is investigating Richardson for campaign finance violations related to raising the money for that payoff. If true, then the payment worked -- at least through the 2008 campaign. There were some undocumented murmurings about womanizing at the time but nothing solid -- until now.


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Ex-Governor Is Said to Be Focal Point of Inquiry, By MARC LACEY and DAN FROSCH, New York Times, December 1, 2011

"Governor Richardson Caught Speeding Again?", KQRE-TV News, April 19, 2006
"Governor vows to slow down his SUV", by Steve Terrell, The New Mexican, June 24, 2005

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