Political Palindromes

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The apologetic Democrat says:
Not nil: Clinton

Slapdash, self-royal Clinton's not nil. Clay or flesh, sad pals?

Re: media coverage of the new administration
So snide! Pork cuts are not nil. Clinton era stuck, roped in. SOS!

Stab! Mock! Cuts are not nil. Clinton era, stuck, combats.

Emil: "Slam it. Power bastion not nil, Clinton. No, it's a brew - optimal slime."


Rush Limbaugh says:
Flog sad loser Al. Gore, zero, glares, old as golf.

Tipper replies:
Rot! Aid Al Gore - hero, gladiator.

The press is undecided:
Red now, rotund Al Gore? Zero, glad nut, or wonder?

Rail, rotund Al Gore: hero, glad nut or liar?

But all agree his charisma is the key. Republican version:
Aide malarial from Al Gore: zero glamor, flair ala media.

Democratic version:
Aide malarial from Al Gore: hero glamor, flair ala media.

Politically incorrect version, from aide's point of view:
Nips delirial from Al Gore: zero glamor, flair. I led spin.


The reader is left to imagine the context of this palindrome:
"Al! Al! " "Ah, Shalala!"
"Al! Al! Ah." - Shalala


Liar emits a snaky Dole melody, Kansas time. Rail!

Senile few: era emits a snaky Dole melody, Kansas time. Are we felines?

Resold, Dole ire tame materiel. Odd loser!

Dole vs. Ted Kennedy:
Despot Bob tops Ed.

Derail sad Dole - crap parcel, odd as liar Ed.


When Bob Dole heard that the choice of Kemp infuriated Al Gore, a reporter heard him say:
Dam! Slap me, Kemp! Al’s mad!

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All palindromes copyright (c) 1999 by Mark Saltveit. From The Palindromist Magazine, issue #2.