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We never finished the Jesse Jackson page, after drafting it back in 1995 when we started, because he always chickened out on running again for president. Now we have a pretty good idea why he didn't want the press scrutiny that comes with a campaign.

Adultery and bastard child

Jackson, who is a minister, has made a career out of preaching to inner city youth about avoiding drugs, crime and unmarried children. Well, two out of three ain't bad.

He admitted this week that he fathered a daughter -- born in May, 1999 -- out of wedlock with Karin Stanford, a former poltiical science professor who ran his organization's Washington office. Ironically, Ms. Stanford wrote a book titled "Beyond the Boundaries: Reverend Jesse Jackson in International Affairs" (though apparently this one was all too domestic.)

This is probably not his first affair, either -- reporters have said that Jackson's womanizing has been legendary for years, with his wife of 38 years, Jacqueline, suffering through it in private. In fact, as Jackson very publicly counseled President Clinton over his guilt in the Monica Lewinsky affair, he had already impregnated his adulteress.

Jackson's organization paid Stanford $35,000 in "severance pay" and he has been giving her $3,000 per month in child support, which is generous to the point of sounding like hush money. Apparently, she turned down an offer of a million dollars from the National Enquirer magazine for her story, but they got it any way from other disgruntled Jackson employees all to happy to tear him down for free.Adultery Sources


"Aphrodisiac of power: Jesse Jackson joins the club of powerful men whose private transgressions are inevitably exposed", Salon Magazine, By Joan Walsh, Jan. 19, 2001


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