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Are you a spiritual wanker?

Mark Walsh (from Brighton in the UK) calls out 9 symptoms of spiritual wankery that are spot on, with humor even. “I find if I sigh, and use my breathy voice, it’s just way more spiritual.” The symptoms are:

1) Wanky language (“energy,” “manifesting”)
2) Gratuitous foreign languages (Tibetan, Sanskrit)
3) The (soft spoken) spiritual voice
4) Spiritual materialism (to feel superior)
5) Vagueness (esp. re: science)
6) Just another way to get high
7) Being a loser/aspiring to wealth
8) Thinking you have magic powers (Yeah, you, Law of Attraction)
9) Being a dick (justified by your higher spiritual state).

To be sure, Walsh peddles his own spiritual package, Integration Training, and I haven’t looked into that. But this video is gold.

Namaste, bitches!

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