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The annual SymmyS Awards

The SymmyS are the Oscars of palindromy -- a ceremony to celebrate the best new palindromes in five categories: Short, Long, Poems, Word-Unit, and Visual Palindromes. (Each individual trophy is called an YmmY, or course.)

They're open to all comers -- send your original, new palindromes to us by the end of New Years Day to be considered.

Previous winners:


Short: Diet failure, by Peter Sabra
Salad, lo-cal, left a fat fella cold, alas.

Long: The Failed Cartographer, by Anthony Etherin
Demand a hill, at solid nadir... Damn it! One morn I saw I was in Rome, not in Madrid, and I lost all I had named....

Word Unit: The Humanist, by Anthony Etherin
Can we suppose man created God?
There is nothing suggesting we are divine.
Are we suggesting nothing is there?
"God created man"--suppose we can?

Poetry: The Cays, by Anthony Etherin
Raft ropes, nets,
you befilth cay isles.
Seven old, lone vessels I yacht--
lifebuoys tense, port far...

Visual: Acid Potentials, by Jon Agee


Short: New Order, by Martin Clear
Won't I use jam if I'm a Jesuit now?

Long: untitled, by Martin Clear
Tides reverse, I reverse.
Rise, demitasse for piety, Locate spun words, Drowsy as re-papered evil.
I, to get a mad raw award, am a god!
Potter freely, assess a madness, drown in word wars.
Alas, reverse many revered is no cosmetic: I, to read a 'drome (gem or dada erotic item) so consider every name's reversal as raw.
Drown in words: send, amass, essay, leer, fret.
Top Dog - a mad raw award a mate got.
I lived ere paper says "Words Drown Upset Acolyte."
I profess a time desire's reveries reversed it!

Word Unit: Excess, by John Falcone
One just never was enough, but there was plenty for that.
All considered was necessary.
What did people know?
People did what "necessary" was; considered all that...
For plenty was there.
But "enough" was never just one.

Poetry: Solemn, by Anthony Etherin
I sat, solemn.
I saw time open one poem.
It was in me, lost as I.

Visual: Spot's Motel, by Jon Agee

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