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The Palindromist is published irregularly. There will be 10 issues total. 8 have been produced so far, and #9, on movies, is in production.

Palindromist #1 Sotades the Obscene

The Palindromist Manifesto; How DO you write palindromes anyway?; a scholarly yet shocking article on the life of Sotades the Obscene, who invented the form around 280 BC; an epic palindrome (The Brag of the Vain Lawyer); a vintage 1950s palindromic board game (Noggin); new palindromes; and Confessions of a Psycho Killer.

Palindromist #2 Political Palindromes

New original 'dromes about US presidential candidates (in 1996), leaders of other countries (Tony Blair, Hosni Mubarak), former US presidents ("Taft: fat") and political anagrams. Also, a feature on hilarious John Connett ("Eva, can I stack Rod's sad-ass, dork cats in a cave?") with 28 great new palindromes and his thoughts on writing them. PLUS - a new Jon Agee cartoon for the centerfold, the first palindromist challenge, palindrome puzzlers, and of course new palindromes.

Palindromist #3 Palindrome Books

The classic 'drome tomes, wordplay potpourris, cartoon books with an extensive bibliography of the field. Also, a new world's record, redividers (the forgotten variant) , Jon Agee's book release party for "So Many Dynamos," a puzzler, the results of the "GHT" palindrome challenge, and new palindromes. The centerfold is Howard Bergerson's amazing poem "Nita Lulu Meets the Father of Lies", which fills an entire page.

Palindromist #4 O, No! It's Palindromic Poetry!

The magazine really hits its stride with the Poetry issue, featuring 12 poems by a variety of authors, plus some heroic palindromic verse: Sotadic Sapphics by Howard Bergerson, the inventor of palindromic poetry; Palindroems by the ever-funny John Connett, a previously unpublished poem by the late master palindromist JA Lindon, and a 181-word monster (the epic "Ode to Evita") by editor Mark Saltveit. PLUS upside down poems, palindromic haiku, "I Love a Charade" by Richard Lederer, cartoons, a puzzler, the EVITA challenge, and "Cloning and DNA Palindromes" by scientist John Ashkenas.

Palindromist #5 The Kids Issue

Our cutest, cleanest, and most popular issue! Baby palindromes, palindromic games, calculator words, palindromic nursery rhymes and fairy tales, teaching with palindromes, and the centerfold -- four palindromic renditions of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with adorable drawings by the 3rd graders at Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco. ALSO: cute baby pictures all over the place, Interview with the Palindromedary by Richard Lederer, new palindromes, new redividers, SEMAGAMES magazine from Spain, a puzzler, and the JAY LENO challenge.

Palindromist #6 Literature

A survey of great authors who played with palindromy: James Joyce, Edgar Allan Poe, Nabokov, etc, articles on the palindromes of Joyce's "Ulysses" and Nabokov's "Pale Fire," academic LitCrit, an appreciation of YA author Paul Zindel, and new fiction ("Edicide in Silopolis") by Michael Keith. Also, the Seven Useless Arts of the Palindromist, new palindromes and redividers, reviews of two new palindrome books, the Literature challenge, and a cryptic crossword by Michael Fidler.

Palindromist #7 Sports

New palindromes on baseball, basketball and tennis (that old sin net), world record palindromes, and the fad of running backwards. Also, a great short story by Richard Tangeman ("Stac O' Cats") about a feline rental agency (they rent out cats, that is); an appreciation of the late wordsmith Willard Espy, part 1 of Will Shortz' Redivider Contest , a collaboration with The Palindromist magazine, reviews of two new books, short sotadic movie reviews ("DEEP STAR SIX: Axis rats peed.") and a puzzler, both by Doug Fink, and new palindromes and redividers. The centerfold is a new palindrome cartoon by Jon Agee featuring pitcher "Oilcan" Boyd.

Palindromist #8 Competitions

The World Palindrome Championship, Will Shortz' Redivider Challenge (from Weekend Edition's Puzzle Segment), introducing Martin Clear, 20th century great palindromists, and Barry Duncan -- Master Palindromist, Fraud, or Mediocrity?

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