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Feed Your Inner Duck

Michael Leunig is a “philosopher cartoonist” and biting social satirist from Melbourne, prone to ducks and penguins. He is huge down under — declared one of “Australia’s Living Treasures” by the National Trust of Australia, and celebrated in the opening to the 2006 Commonwealth Games hosted in his hometown.

Leunig — his first name is rarely used — has 25 books and a cartoon run in Melbourne’s The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. He graciously granted us permission to reprint some of his cartoons, and we’re hoping for an interview in the new year. You can find lots more at his official website. Very taoish indeed.

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Mark Saltveit is a writer, standup comedian, skimboarder and dad based in Middlebury, Vermont. His improv show "Palindrome Fight!" will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Aug. 5-29th 2022 at the Kilderkin Pub, 67 Canongate, at 7:30pm each night except Tuesdays.

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