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Bao Pu – Bewildering Broodings and Babblings on Ancient China

What would a great Daoist blog look like? Probably not many words or posts, but the ones that appeared would be deep, thoughtful and amusing. You know, Post Less, Post Better. Some day I may even try that approach.

In the meantime, I recommend Scott Barnwell’s blog “Bao Pu.” (The title is a quote from chapter 19 of the Daodejing: “embrace the uncarved block.”) Scott is not a formally certified scholar, but he is a brilliant, self-taught writer on classical Chinese philosophy, especially Daoism. Widely and deeply read — you can see his library at — he writes elegantly and sagely about Daoist topics such as wuwei, ziran, etc. Scott writes from the point of view of someone who cares about the subject in their personal life: not academic but no less rigorous, and without any New Agey squishy-mindedness.

A month or three might go by before his next post. That’s OK. You can chew on these a long time.

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