Mark Saltveit is a writer, standup comedian, skimboarder and dad based in Portland, Oregon. He is also the reigning World Palindrome Champion.

3 thoughts on “Mindful Practice

  1. are you an atheist?

    how do you deal with the music you like, vesus messages within the misic that you do not like?

    if i wrote music you loved, and being a ‘european american’ aka ‘white’ , versus ‘black’ , and hated black people virulently the way that miles davis did ‘white’ people, would you simply ignore my hatred racism?? or would you always feel compelled to mention it and chastise it? or, has the pc mind programming so deeply absorbed such that you also hate ‘european americans’ too?? very tao. lol.

    as for ck and the eagles; is ck wise? no teacher, no method? no guru? no wisdom?? is post modernism the grandest fools philosophy of all time?? relativistic nihilism?? let the water go where it flows, lest truth be not known. just becuase ck is in philly, doesnt mean any fans but eagle fans should be hoping ck does well in philly. What is/was ck’s achiles heal??

    curiosity killed the cat

  2. I’m not sure what all your comments mean, but in order
    1) You’d have to define “atheist” and “God” for me. I don’t think God is an old white man with a beard. That’s man creating God in man’s own image, IMHO.
    2) I use and admire the transistor, despite my views on William Shockley’s racism.
    3) Chip Kelly is humble, focused and hard working, hence wise. His guru is Paul Brown, which is also wise.
    4) I have no opinion on post modernism, don’t really care.
    5) Anyone who loves football should enjoy watching what CK does. I’m a Ducks and Eagles fan, mostly because of Chip, so I love it even more.
    6) If Chip has an achilles heal, he should use it on Jason Peters’ tendons. BAM!

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