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Real People For Real Change (RPFRC) is an independent, nonpartisan political group. We do not support any candidate or party, and aim to attack all presidential candidates with brutal fairness. Really, we're just a small group of friends; there is no real structure to the group, no office or staff or budget.

The leader of the group, and editor writer of the web site, is Mark Saltveit. He is a writer and standup comedian, though his material is usually not political. Other stalwarts include Steve Miller (an independent filmmaker in Portland Oregon), Dennis McNanny (an entrepreneur in Oregon), and Leslie Hildula (a business consultant in Portland). Just about everyone in the group is a friend, relative or spouse of one of these four. None of us are professional journalists or politicians.

RPFRC began during the 1992 primaries as a group of friends in Portland, Oregon who were fed up with politics -- and especially media coverage of politics -- and decided to do something besides bitch and drink, like everybody else does.

At the same time, none of us believe in demonstrations, picketing, etc. At best that's a pose and a party for college kids; invariably, demostrators piss off more people than they persuade, whether they are right wing (anti-abortion) or left wing (every other kind of demonstrator.)

The way you get things done in America is to play by the rules and pony up some cash. You don't need a lot, if you've got something to say and you're smart about it, but you need to put your money where your mouth is.

In 1992, we ran a couple of TV ads in Oregon and Montana, speaking our piece on abortion and the economy. (Some of us have worked in the independent film industry, so we could make the ads very inexpensively.) We got some people talking about those issues, instead of flag factories and Willie Horton, and we're proud of that. We didn't change the whole election, but it's going to take everyone doing a little bit to turn this thing around.

This time, we're putting our efforts into this web site. We are trying to create the most accurate portrait of the candidates possible. You can help, by sending us any tips or references you have, pointing out any errors or just incomplete portrayals, and above all by sharing any direct, personal knowledge or experience of the candidates that you have. If you want your contribution to be anonymous, please say so (or use an anonymous remailer service.)
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We don't have any formal membership -- no fancy badges, cards, or constant mail beggings and "alerts", but we can always use support, whether it's supportive email, a piece of info on a candidate that we've overlooked, or a correction. We also love to hear feedback, criticism, support: Click here to email these to us. Or contact us at these more traditional addresses:

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