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This self-righteous former Missouri governor considers himself a moral crusader, but he has more than his share of petty corruption scandals from his past as Missouri governor:

- Declared "economic emergency" to push through an 18-mile, $140 million freeway right to a major contributor's property

- Used state employees for his re-election campaign

- Received (and didn't report) a favorable deal on a boat from a contributor who got $1 million in Missouri state contracts

- His attorney general went to prison for converting state property to his own.

Editor's note: we never finished the Ashcroft page because he dropped out so quickly. But here are a couple of sources:

- a web site that is obviously anti-Ashcroft but seems to have a lot of original documents and articles on line. Lot's on the freeway issue.
Ashcroft's Freeway Scandal

- a story in the very liberal though reasonably factual magazine Mother Jones
Mother Jones Magazine, Nov.-Dec. 1998


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