New original palindromes -- every show

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-- 3 audience suggestions
-- 3 to 5 panelists
-- 30 minutes of comedy and lurid palindrome history while they create
-- and then the audience chooses the best new palindrome.

Warning: the results may be rude or weird. In fact, it's pretty likely.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- August 5th - 27th 2023 at 16:55 (aka 4:55 pm) except Tuesdays at the venue 102, Brewdog Lothian, 50 Lothian Road in the heart of Old Town Edinburgh EH3 9BY.
We're part of the PBH Free Fringe. No charge, no tickets, just turn up! (We'll pass the hat at the end.)

Want to be a panelist?

Just show up! Everyone at the show is invited to make palindromes fitting the 3 audience suggestions, and the winner gets a genuine Roman coin. In 2022, punters from the audience won about 1/3rd of the shows!

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